Innovate on a digital product

Your all-in-one solution

We provide complete solution a tablet, its docking station and a dedicated application, to enhance users experience

Each room has its solution

Whether you offer a deluxe room or a suite, we have a solution.

Our tablet and docking stations

A complete and independent solution which protects, secures and recharge

Wall Docking Station

The Bowo docking station has been designed to be as discreet as possible. Simple to install, it automatically secures and recharges the tablet.

Desk Docking Station

The BOWO docking station allows you to secure and charge the tablet. It is also equipped with connected speakers to improve in room user experience.

Tablet Case

Our tablet is protected with BOWO protective case. RFID transmitter helps to lock/unlock it from its docking station.

Extra Batterie

An extra battery is available (option).


WIFI and  4G network connection


NFC technology allows to unlock tablet in a secure way


Docking stations are equipped with connected speakers


Tablet charges on the dock without extra charger

What’s next?

Voice control + Room automation control

Our desk mounted docking station

– 184 x 170 x 167 mm
– 2 positions : 30° & 60°
– 360 rotation (portrait & landscape )

– NFC Locking / Unlocking
– TFT Screen
– Connected Speaker
- Automatique charging system

Our wall mounted docking station

–Ø 100 x 45 mm
– 360° rotation (portrait & landscape)

– NFC Locking / Unlocking
– TFT Screen
– Automatique charging system